Sea's Control

by Vampire Squid

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TurbinoZ100000 Aggressive yarns of malicious chordata!
nathan rogers
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nathan rogers These guys are really everything you like about metal. They manage to be death, tech, black, grind, and core stylistically, without ever fully identifying with one or the other. The sheer variety makes this album the most unique and creative new band I've found in half a decade. I was parousing band camp, listening to a minute of a track here or there, and these guys made me completely stop what I was doing to re listen again and again. Favorite track: Oh The Clamity.
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released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Vampire Squid Corona, California

We came from the depths of the sea and landed in the small town of Corona, California. Our one mission is to inform the land-walkers of what dwells beneath.

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Track Name: Mussel Beach
Sun and sand lie behind the pearly gates
Where the golden gods and goddesses roam
Where every mussel is flexed
And everyone is perfectly toned

Take me away to where I can survive
No one shall be taken alive
You may be the king of the beach
But I'm the king of the ocean

I'll pull you in by my tides
And eat your insides
Beach bully, kicking sand in my face

Try it again, and your limbs will be displaced
You take me for granted and I'll shatter you to grains
As I rape your girlfriend on your rotting remains
With a lack of remorse

You fill your veins with juice
So you're ripped like a wild seahorse
But now it's time for the fun to begin
Peeling the skin to reveal the arteries
I will inject you with my personal ink
You'll swell like a blueberry and eventually prune
You'll look like a modern society baboon

Bang on your chest to show your dominance
But your pectorals will sag and do a jiggly dance
So flex your mussels at me again and I'll tear you to shreds

Murder is my hobby, it makes me see red
A terrible sight that you have become
A bloody mess will fill the children with fright
Kill every pathetic child too

To ensure there won't be a second coming
Of a douche like you
Track Name: Squishy Slimy Slippy
Walking through the battle field
Getting guts on the gum of my shoe
Squishy, slimy, slippy goo
These splattered remains that once were you
Broken beaten and splattered
What could you do?
Just do me one favor
Come here you city slick
Hang you up by your dick

Gravity isn't your friend
He's going to rip you up
You find yourself aroused
And the blood pours from the wounds
Masses of carcasses
Blood covers the floor
It's squishy
Everywhere you look it's slimy

Heed my warning, it's pretty slippy
We frolic through the public graves
We use the slime for a slip and slide

Behead the king of this fallen land

I'm pissed off and I'm seeing red
Tore you apart at the start
Eat your organs, the hearts my favorite part
Steal your souls and become a part

Of the squishy slimy slippy
Let's play a game, I'm getting bored
The rules are simple so listen close

My fucking tentacles shoved through your eyes
Roll again and try your luck

You roll a four so I spill your gore
It was fun while it lasted
'Til no one was left to take a chance

Gravity isn't your friend
He's going to rip you up
You find yourself aroused
And the blood pours from the wounds
Masses of carcasses

Ejected your bowels when you died
Just adds to the mush and increases my slide
Your bodies taste like gushers
They even have a jelly center
Track Name: Oh The Clamity
Mother of god how could this be
With recent events that should not exist
Death arose from the shore and now he walks the earth
Destruction of humanity's destiny
Evolution has taken place in order to displace
My existence is meaningless

My survival is key
These events that should not be
Our time has begun to dwindle down to nothing
Or own lives were priceless but are now labeled

For the price of murder
Genocide of humans
Rise from the sea and conquer the world
Aquatic life has began it's revolt to us all
They came from the sea 'cause their starvin'
A tastey morsel human snack
We're on the menu
And there's no turning back

Don't you worry I'll take care of this
I'll take your wife and eat her first
I'll take your daughter to soccer practice
And chew her after
Then it's time for your worthless son
Slow cook him, I prefer my meat dark
You've sat and watched I'll let you live
Your time isn't now
But it's running short

Jump over board off the port side
Drop to your knees and beg that you'll be spared
You make me laugh due to the impending ignorance
I cannot be defeated

Wipe off your tears and get in line
Taking this world one step at a time

This is just the beginning
Oh, the calamity
Track Name: Sea's Control I: Bow Before Me
The new reign of a tyrant has begun
Pulling all the strings of my puppets
Cut the umbilical cord to mother earth
This planet is mine

It was meant to be
Dictators of this land to reign supreme
The darkness of the abyss spreads

Your role is death and it's time to take the part
Bow down to me only truth can set you free
Float into the depths of your darkest fears

I love the ease of your salty tears
They remind me of home
The face of death will destroy us all

The dictations that leads to a certain death
You're forced to live in a trained society
Making payments is your priority
Now it's my turn to run the show

The tides have changed and it's my turn to gain power
Dismantle the governments across the world
The new order has become king
Starting with this eight legged being

Eyes sewn shut to keep from seeing
Who runs this show is worth believing
With newfound dominance handed over
The world is mine and you'll never know

Pointing fingers as who's to blame
It's yourselves for not seeing what's clear
So step aside, Mr. President
The power is no longer yours

Sea's control of this ocean fucking planet
Melt the polar ice caps to claim more land
Grow gills fast if you plan to survive

The tides have changed
It's my turn to gain power

Sieze control
Track Name: Sea's Control II: Mutiny
This situation is getting out of hand
So squeeze tighter with the tentacles
Suck off the faces of the leader with your suction cups

Being mislead by those who rule before you
You'll be glad when you enslave yourself to me
This is a motherfucking mutiny
Walk the plank never to return
Hoist the colors of blood so everyone can see
As they knelt before me during the transition
Patches over their eyes they fail to see the truth

With personal views of freedom
What once was lost cannot be regained
Tear down the roles of your leaders
Sink deeper and you'll feel free

Anarchy's commenced
The oceanic pressures have compressed
The fire spreads across the lands
But don't forget you answer to me now

If this gets further out of hand
Overfill the sea and submerge the sand
Los Angeles looks dapper
The city of fallen angelfish swimming through the slums


Visibility decreased due to the masses floating through the streets
There's no more hope
I've seized control of this wretched place

Darwinism proved you wrong
Humans fell under the chain of those who have proved to be the fittest
Technology cannot save you

This is the new order
I'm at the top of the food chain
I destroyed what was already broken
Your filth floods my waters

Your bodies occupy the sea
Something yummy for my tummy
The younger they are the sweeter
The elderly taste like prunes

In the water too long
Their skin makes it hard to tell the difference
Between the old and the new
Skin falls of like soggy bread and has the texture of goo
Welcome to the mutiny of this planet

Sieze control
Track Name: Sea's Control III: Broken Stern'm
Nothing remains in the end
Your corpses have sunk in the sand
The parasites of the sea will feast upon ye
No more land can be seen
100% ocean planet
Poseidon is proud of this day
The day when all other gods have fallen

This monotheistic life has started
When the sea consumed the sunlight
Bow before me as I mutinied
Those who lead in the way life you knew

In the end you should have known you'd be a wreck
Splintered and shattered across the ocean floor
Bodies fall apart and the meat falls off the bone
Broken Stern'm is the end result of humanity

Taking power and growing strong
Constricted by the tentacles of spite
Wrapping around your neck it just feels so right

Eyes explode from their holes
Blood pours from your nose
Rupture the ear drums so they won't hear me coming

The punch to the chest
The Broken Stern'm
Shattered bones pierce the aorta
You're all going to die
Well sorta
Why kill you all the same way
Fuck that
I'd rather watch you as your planet suffers
Filling my stomach with the purest blood
Yum yum
This is the final hour

I'm very hungry and your souls I'll devour
The Broken Stern'm isn't the final dance
We haven't reached the end of the line
Bowing down during the mutiny

Seize control
Seize control of this
Track Name: Tenticular Cancer
This is dawn of a new era
A new disease to infect with no criteria
Don't stop now because the infection will spread
Just as easy as butter on bread
Every body will feel the symptoms
Everyone will be a victim
The CDC will have no answer
On how to stop this lethal cancer

The phenomenon goes on and on
Killing everyone till their gone
Contagious, infectious, pandemic

No need to call the medic
The viral flu spread so quick
It's in the air and everyone is sick
No vaccination can resurrect what I have caused
The infection is coming

Every body will feel the symptoms
Everyone will be a victim

The viral flu spread so quick
It's in the air to bring a reckoning
Contagious, infectious, pandemic

It's in the air to bring a reckoning
Contagious, infectious, pandemic

Your poor lives lay to waste
Track Name: Slam Chowder
Hear the smack as you hit the floor
Blood and guts, watch me spill your gore
Wrap my tentacle around and wind it up
Slam your face into the pavement

Teeth are foating through the sky
Don't blink know
You're about to die
The sound of bodies hitting the wall
It's like a sound you've never heard before
But I won't stop 'til I kill you all

Ill grab you first, you dirty whore
You live your life based on the jersey shore
Fist pump till your final breath
The impact will flatten your fake chest

Don't smirk now you flamboyant fag
I'll toss you around like a dirty rag
Feel the need to express your gay
Killing you will make my day

Corpses flying across the horizon
Dead bodies stretch for miles and
The squishy sound as they hit the floor
It's a sound you've never heard before

Excuse me waitress there is something here in my soup
Leave the crackers in too long and they turn to goo
I'm going to kill you and watch your planet suffer
Slam chowder really hits the spot

Something that I will engrave
You'll hear this sound till the end of your days
When the bodies hit
The friction hot as lava
Slam chowder really hits the spot
Track Name: Life Without Porpoise
Life without a porpoise means nothing at all
Your lives have been wasted sitting in front of a television
Shoving Microwave dinners in one hole
'Til it comes out your blow hole

Your existence is useless
Controlled by what you see
Open your eyes and see what there is to believe
Your death is certain and your blood is on my hands
One by one, the killing fields spread across the world

It's a reality check
The reality has begun to show
Living through their lives has got to go
So just sit back as I lock you in

Insert the gag as you choke for air
I watch you squirm like a worm on a hook
Forced to reflect on a life that lacked achievement

Life without a porpoise means nothing at all
No one's going to miss you
Nothing to remember you by
No one will care when you die

Life without a porpoise means nothing at all
No one's going to miss you
Nothing to remember you by
No one will care when you die, cause you'll be deep in my sea
Dying was your only porpoise since fertility
Crying as you start to bleed
Slice your skin slowly to give that thrill

Watching you suffer as I begin to kill
Ability to crush all opposed

Break your knee caps with the force
Watching you suffer as I begin to kill
Break your knee caps with the force
Ability to crush all opposed
Track Name: Stargazer
Camouflaged into the sand
You're the next step, into hell you will land
Mouth open wide and ready to snap
This final being, your soul is now trapped

Crunch through the bones
The teeth are sinking in
The flesh just falls apart
The human race has ended
It's time for a new start

Somewhere to be certain that my mission is complete
Heart set on my goals and desire no matter how it's done
Signs point to taking my aspirations higher
Drift into the sky

Never ending voids of black
What life lies beyond all I've destroyed here?
Nothing remains to this desolate land
The blood soaks in the sand
The sea grows red with the blood of disease
My work here is complete

The only remaining scene to see is in the stars
What lies in the galaxy is my final vengeance
To destroy all that remains
To rule what hasn't been claimed
To purge what hasn't been slain
The earth has been left in ruins

One day I'll look back at this planet
Just to see my trophy
Earth was too easy, it's time for a worthy opponent
Time to search through the nebulae and all galaxies within
Searching for new life that could be tamed

Never ending voids of black
What life lies beyond all I've destroyed here?
Nothing remains to this desolate land
The blood soaks in the sand
The seas grow red with the blood disease

Crunched through the bones
The teeth have sunk in
The flesh just fell apart
The human race has ended
It's time for a new encounter
My work here is complete