Vampire Squid

by Vampire Squid

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Jack Weber
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Jack Weber This is so great ! keep it up guys Favorite track: Just Keep Finning.
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TurbinoZ100000 Fishy tales of dihydrogen monoxidian horrors!
nathan rogers
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nathan rogers You know how you look for hours, for that track/album/artist with such a unique identity, as to completely stand out from the thousands of knock-offs out there? Original, and the opposite of contrived, It seems like everyone out there is trying to copy this or that band. These guys make every effort to be themselves, from the frenetic time signature changes to the strangely coherent melodic structure amidst a *tidal* (get it?) onslaught of unrelenting creative rhythmic patterns. Favorite track: Flying Fish Hooks.
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released June 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Vampire Squid Corona, California

We came from the depths of the sea and landed in the small town of Corona, California. Our one mission is to inform the land-walkers of what dwells beneath.

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Track Name: The Bends
To the depths you go
out of air, you can't breathe
lungs are embolized
Now your life is mine

Bleeding from the inside, projectile vomit of blood
gargle on your guts
creatures of the deep, I call upon your masses

There's a tragedy coming
you never expected this to happen
as you look to your meter, your answer is clear
Your cans of breath have zeroed out

Life is good as you're floating with all the fish and dolphins
you did not see your ending but the end is nearing
and the time for your agony is now

suffering in a salty prison
too deep to escape
the critters of the deep are indifferent
ingest the goo that once was you

nitrogen blood flow to the aorta
heart skips a beat 'til you cease to be
Track Name: Flying Fish Hooks
The eel has spotted you
Sunk his teeth in and stabbed through
You're shocked this could even happen
We will attack when you're nappin

Raise the tentacles and take aim
Pull the trigger and you're tazed
The fisherman's hooks pierce your flesh
volts make you jolt
Flop like a fish on the deck
Gasp for air

Hair sticks up like an urchin
Once the bolts come to a halt
Grab the hooks by the line and rip the skin by your spine
You black out and lose your track of time

Dazed like a fish that sees the worm
Bite the hook you'll never learn
Watch the electric current turnbleh
Leaves behind a barnacle burn

Fish hooks, falling from the sky
Fish hooks, Don't let em get in your eyes
Fish hooks, falling from the sky
Fish hooks, were all going to die

Distorted sea filled with electricity
Elements that oppose
Will rattle at your bones and your giblets
Your eyes will be forced to close
Blood will drip from your nose
Jump start the heart and go with the flow
Organs are the perfect static conductors

Trapped by the barb
Forced to eat whale lard
Shiver and quake like the tech tonic plate

Hair sticks up like an urchin
Once the bolts come to a halt
Grab the hooks by the line and rip the skin by your spine
You black out and lose your track of time

Flying fish hooks, falling from the sky
Flying fish hooks, were all going to die

A fatal misery beckons me
how will I keep from this ordeal when I am the primary
Track Name: Where Is Your Cod Now
Nothing is going right
fish hook bitten skin
No one to turn to
Stuck in a rip tide

Head smashes against the reef
Its time to Say goodnight
Just show me a sign
Swimming in the distance was an 8 legged being

swimming toward me, odds are inauspicious
Held out his trident and pierced the throat
The blood that escaped welcomed the hungry
This is the next trial

At the gates of the abyssapelagic zone I was turned away
Forsaken blasphemy
Taken away by the mysterious creature
Ink to the eye to blind the incapable

swimming toward me, odds are inauspicious
Held out his trident and pierced the throat

Skin mashes beneath the sea
To be exalted with the fishes
Just search for your cod
with all that's happened don't let him swim away

Where is your cod?
Track Name: Licensed To Krill
(Vampire Squid):
Prepare for the amusing next trial my creatures have here. My little friends are starving and need fattening for their predator. The little teeth will easily tear and rip. Green with envy never meant something so contrary.

Slowly eaten by a swirling swarm of bottom feeders. They have come to consume you. You poor creatures have no means of defense. They, the krill are the reckoning.

Feeding is due. First they will chew. The innocents are through. Waiting is the only option.

You would not have imagined whale munch to depredate. Remorseless when they hunger. Your best buds are now traveling through a digestive tract. Just another feeding cycle.

Krill (Joey Virrueta of Sea Of Skies):
Open your microscopic eyes and accept the end. Photosynthesis has failed you. There is no light here.
The current leads you to a wasteland. The scum of your kind must not survive. Embrace slaughter and despair. Die knowing you served your purpose at last. We float away. After the feast we are never seen. This is just the first death that you will live to see. Die.
Track Name: Just Keep Finning
Torn limb by limb
Drown in my retribution
Clouds of blood
Negative buoyancy
Sinking 'til you're losing mental stability
Your blood and heart rate attract the hungry

No longer the apex predator
You're just what's for dinner
Eaten alive and all you hear are the bubbly cries
No longer will you sell my fins

The slow and painful death is how it was meant to be
The bottom feeders will feast on your squirming body

Step into my world and your time gets thinner
Desecrate your vile remains

Human limb soup is a delicacy
Your organs will occupy my belly

Swim toward the surface
Uncontrolled descent
Gushing blood all over

Waiting for the ravenous critters to nibble and tear
Fear never felt so real
Death is imminent
and beckoning for you
Track Name: Bullshark Rodeo
Hold on tight to your slimy friend cuz here we go
This is a bull shark rodeo
Clouds of red blood
Growing aggravation
This will be your eight second damnation

It's time to end my lingering starvation
Your death is certain
Thrown into the fucking ground
Jaws opened wide to shred a chunk out of your side

You screamed toro at me and I toro you limb by limb
It's a shame your not the pilot fish
An immortal bond between friends
He will clean up your remains in the end
Shredded your intestines and ate your bowels at depth
Hold on tight because here we go

This is a bullshark rodeo
This is the end for all we know
Track Name: 20,000 Leagues Under The Squee
Destined to die ill give it one last fight so I my unify
A suicide mission lies at the ocean floor
A place Where humans and fish are floating in their gore
my spear gun is cocked and loaded
Let's hope this works this time

My opponent is the giant squid
When I get the chance ill blast off your lid
Rapidly descending And light fades away
The deeper I go color becomes the same

But my goal of slaying the squid will remain
Swimming toward the sea monsters cave

Tentacles appear from this gaping hole
Staring into the of eyes my executor
Raise my gun to the heart and shoot
Piercing the heart of the squid but he mocks and
Rips the pole out

I am the vampire squid
I'm flattered that you've tried to kill me
By piercing my heart with your vestigial weapon
your efforts are futile You must accept this fate

Half blind in an aquatic bind, the first strike saps me

Listen for the pop, that's just your spleen
Blood pours out of your ears and nose
Fill up your mask to the brim
Clouds the water it's feeding time

Creatures of the sea
I call upon your masses
20,000 pounds of pressure
your organs feel the squees

Disoriented, my body has been torn
what chance is left for me after my near fatal attempt?
Track Name: Jellyfish Defibrillator
Traveled to the abyss
Go with the currents
The perfect conductor
Eyes roll to the back of your head like a shark on the attack

This life is ending there is no turning back
Your life dwindled to nothing
Don't look because its about to get ugly
I am your only redeemer
Hand me the jellies
As I rub the tentacles together

Static generates sporadic entropy
The jellies have squished to your chest
Smells of something cooked fresh

Heart ache and diarrhea
The shocks on you are a factor of death
To save your hide
Ill set the locks free
Urinate on your chest

Your face is turning blue
Another trial and error
Your chest has been scarred
I decided to let you be one with me

Shocked back to life
Now one with the sea
This debt will be paid
Your life will be taken in vein. Forever.

You've only got yourself to blame
This misfortune of a sea critter is for you
This new life must be exquisite
slimy appendages graze the chest and with the lack of bandages, this kind of hurts
The clown fish are diabolical and laughing

Your life was saved by the jellyfish defib
You've got one life left
There is only one problem
Your time is limited
Now it's my turn to make your insides churn
Track Name: Somebody Please Kelp Me
This was a mistake
Humans cannot tolerate aquatic tribulation
Will I see land again?

I can't help but rot in my unforgiving grave
Looking for my way back
Some one point the way, I can't find it for shore
The ocean has grinded my body to oblivion

Asking for a savior and being given a cynical grin
Whatever you want just ask of me
Anything please, what ever sets me free
Grab hold of my tentacle and you will see
You're inevitable fate is destined to be

Creatures and critters have torn my body
eaten away at my mortal flesh
Tangled in seaweed and misguided through the kelp forest
Lost inside this prison

Dragged to the depths
Do not fear the constriction
When I release your gills will appear